About Wyndi Patrie

A Wife, a Mother, an Empath. A lover of Nature, a passion to learn life's wisdom, a heart to make a difference in the lives I encounter. A visionary for the things my heart has aspired to be.

Since I was a little girl I found my heart drawn to show love and affection to others in pain thru giving them a massage. It was first my empathetic nature, then later having chronic pain myself that led me to feel drawn to help others. My life as a youth was spent devoted to helping others. After spending 5.5 years in a ministry that was based on a Farm and receiving missionary training, I soon after embarked on a Journey that would change my Life.

In 2014, I traveled to Ecuador, there I met my Husband, Together we started Hosting Volunteers from all over the world in his Village of Las Tolas, Ecuador. With Reforestation, bird watching trails,Green house for organic farming, and construction of 9 bedroom lodge for future Tourism, health Retreat, and volunteers. We wish to bring about sustainable living Reserve/Organic Farm to help save surrounding Forest, by giving alternate Jobs to Locals, who otherwise feel forced to make a living in the only way they Know how thru,cutting down wood for lumber, or clearing forest to make pastures for cattle.

After a devastating Earthquake on April 16th, 2016, we had a big decline in Volunteers. Without their help and financial provision, we are now in Asheville, NC to keep the vision Going.

A Touch Above Massage is donating 100% of Net Income to on going Projects at Reserva Mundo Verde(Green World Reserve). Check out our website at www.reservamundoverde.com to learn more.

As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I wish to deliver life changing massages that can bring stress relief, help those who suffer from pain due to repetitious movements at work or home, or those who have chronic pain that can benefit from trigger point therapy, shiatsu, and stretching.